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DVA and CDBS Dental Benefits

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Dental Benefits

At Crown Dental Care, we are proud to serve the oral health needs of our community, including those who may be eligible for dental benefits through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) and SA Dental General and Emergency Care. Here’s how our clinic supports individuals and families who qualify for these essential programs

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DVA Dental Benefits


Our dedicated team is experienced in processing DVA claims directly, minimising paperwork for our patients. We work closely with DVA to ensure eligible individuals receive the comprehensive dental care they deserve without unnecessary financial burden

Streamlined Claims Process

We understand the importance of flexibility in choosing dental providers. At our clinic, veterans can access quality dental care through our network of approved dentists and dental specialists, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

Accessible Care

Our clinic is honoured to provide comprehensive dental care to veterans and their eligible dependents through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. DVA Gold Card holders benefit from a broad range of dental services, including examinations, preventive care, restorative treatments, and specialised services. DVA White Card holders may also access dental benefits for specific conditions related to their military service.

CDBS Dental Benefits

Nurturing Healthy Smiles in Children

For families with children aged 0 to 17 years who are eligible for Medicare and receive certain government benefits, our clinic proudly participates in the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. The CDBS covers a range of preventive and basic dental services, including examinations, cleanings, fillings, X-rays, and extractions.

Financial Assistance for Families

Our commitment to family-friendly dental care extends to offering bulk billing for CDBS-eligible families. This means that eligible children can receive quality dental services with no out-of-pocket expenses, allowing families to prioritise their children’s oral health.

Expertise in Paediatric Dentistry

Our clinic boasts a team of experienced and compassionate clinicians who are dedicated in providing gentle and effective dental care for children. We create a positive and comfortable environment, making dental visits an enjoyable experience for our young patients. Click here for more on Children’s Dentistry!

SA Dental Scheme

Dental Services for all kids under 18 and eligible adults

The South Australian Dental Scheme (SADS) is a government-funded initiative aimed at providing affordable dental services to eligible residents of South Australia.

It offers a range of basic dental treatments including examinations, cleanings, fillings, extractions, and denture services at reduced fees for eligible individuals.
SADS aims to improve access to dental care for low-income individuals, pensioners, and other eligible groups who may face financial barriers to receiving necessary dental treatment.

Eligibility criteria and the scope of services covered may vary, and individuals are encouraged to check with the relevant authorities for specific details regarding enrollment and available services.

To find out more, contact SA Dental on 1300 008 222

How to Access DVA, CDBS, and SADS?

Ask us how!

For eligible individuals, accessing DVA,, CDBS, and SADS dental benefits at Crown Dental Care is a straightforward process. Our friendly staff is here to guide you through the necessary steps, from verifying eligibility to coordinating appointments and processing claims.

At Crown Dental Care, we are committed to delivering exceptional dental care while maximising the benefits available through DVA, CDBS, and SADS. 

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