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Dr HanSam Kim

BOHDS, MD Griff.

After successfully completing Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science and Masters of Dentistry at Griffith University in Gold Coast, Dr. HanSam Kim spent several years working in a regional town in NSW, before returning to her hometown of Adelaide.ㅤ Dr. Kim possesses a deep passion for all areas of general dentistry. Dr. Kim is not only a highly skilled dentist but also possesses a warm and compassionate nature that puts her patients at ease. She takes the time to listen to their concerns and ensures they feel comfortable throughout their dental experience. Dr. Kim’s friendly and approachable demeanour creates a welcoming atmosphere, making her patients feel valued and cared for. Her genuine dedication to providing exceptional dental care and her ability to connect with patients on a personal level truly sets her apart as a remarkable dentist. Her dedication to providing comprehensive and top-quality dental care is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the well-being and oral health of her patients.

Rhett Peereboom

BOH, Adel.

Meet Mr. Rhett Peereboom, a distinguished Oral Health Therapist who embarked on his professional journey after graduating from BOH Adelaide in 2017. With a wealth of experience, Rhett has been dedicatedly serving the communities of Maitland and Kadina in SA, leaving a positive impact on oral healthcare. He has done extra study at the University of Sydney, which qualifies him to expand the age of patients he can treat. Specializing in Children's dentistry, Rhett's passion for prevention and education shines through in his approach to dental care. His caring and easy-to-talk-to demeanor create a comfortable environment for patients, fostering a genuine connection that goes beyond the dental chair. Beyond his prowess in oral health, Rhett is married and has become very recently the father of now two beautiful children. Rhett is a man of many talents. Musically gifted, he has mastered instruments such as the clarinet and bass guitar and currently finds joy in playing the piano. A remarkable singer, Rhett's artistic flair extends beyond dentistry. In his spare time, you might find Rhett indulging in his love for fixing cars. His diverse interests and genuine enthusiasm make Mr. Rhett Peereboom a well-rounded professional with a heart for healthcare and a soul for creativity.

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